Best Places for Healthy Living in the Valley

Best Places for Healthy Living in the Valley

The start of a new year brings fresh energy to evaluate your life and set new goals. Eating healthy and getting in shape are typically two of the most common goals people set at the beginning of each year. 

Living in a place like Scottsdale gives you a huge advantage to conquering those goals between the plethora of healthy restaurants, outdoor activities, and emphasis on wellness and healthy living within the community. Sometimes the hardest part of committing to a new healthy lifestyle is getting started- so we’ve compiled a list of the best places in the Valley that will help you reach those goals! 

Where to Eat 

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you are what you eat,” but this is a cliche for a good reason! What you eat every day can have a major impact on your sleep, skin, hair, and overall energy levels. Set yourself up for success by fueling your body with the best food you can! The restaurant options in the Valley make finding a healthy meal easy. 


Smoothies, acai bowls, and fresh pressed juice are all great choices for starting your day on the right foot, especially on days when you want an easy and healthy breakfast. Stop by one of the several Nekter Juice Bars scattered across the city to grab a berry smoothie or acai bowl to go. 

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If you want to support a local business, stop by HB Wellness located right off of Bell Road. This spot is one of the best smoothie shops in Scottsdale. With HB Wellness, you can feel good knowing that your smoothie is healthy and also will taste amazing! 

Not only will you find a large selection of protein smoothies at HB Wellness, but they also offer wellness evaluations and have a large range of nutritional supplements for purchase. This is a great store to visit if you need help figuring out what vitamins or supplements are missing from your diet, as their knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you out. 

True Food Kitchen is the best restaurant in the Scottsdale Quarter if you want a refreshing and delicious meal that won’t end your diet. Their health-conscious menu changes seasonally and truly offers something for everyone. 

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From their wide drink menu of refreshing elixirs and teas, all the way to a butternut squash pizza, everyone in your family will find something they like and won’t even realize the food is healthier.

If you find yourself in Old Town Scottsdale, stop by Farm & Craft for a delicious brunch menu that doesn’t force you to skimp on taste! This adorable spot has a wonderful ambience and they offer everything from breakfast sandwiches to protein pancakes to get your day started. Farm & Craft also has a wonderful lunch menu as well, featuring lots of build your own protein bowls and salads. 

Flower Child is another healthy lunch spot with several locations around the Valley. Their food options are very accommodating for those with all different types of dietary restrictions. Whether you are gluten-free or vegetarian, you will be able to find something delicious on their extensive and ever-changing menu. 

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Scottsdale is also a very food-friendly city for those who are vegan. Try Fresh Mint, a Vietnamese restaurant that offers flavorful vegetarian and vegan dishes. No matter which area of town you find yourself dining in, the health-conscious Arizona lifestyle ensures you should be able to find something you can eat on most menus. 

Where to Exercise Outside

Another big aspect of healthy living is getting up and moving your body every week. Scottsdale offers so many easy ways that you can incorporate this into your life. The easiest and cheapest way to do so is to take advantage of the year-round sunshine and beautiful weather.

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Get outside and enjoy one of the hundreds of hikes in the area: from Pinnacle Peak to the Superstition Mountains, there are hiking trails that accommodate all varieties of lengths and skill levels. 

If hiking is not your favorite way to exercise, mountain biking is another great way to spend time outside in Arizona. MTB Project offers extensive trail maps and resources to allow you to find the best trails in your area. Even if you have never done mountain biking before, the trails in Phoenix vary from easy to very difficult, making the city a very accessible place to get into the hobby. 

There are plenty of nature trails throughout the metroplex for those who are looking for a nice place to walk as well. One of the best is the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt. The Green Belt stretches for eleven miles through the heart of Scottsdale, and is one of the top urban green spaces in Arizona. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but this is a wonderful and safe place to walk or bike. 

Where to Exercise Indoors 

 Of course, depending on your fitness goals, you may consider joining a gym or becoming a member of one of the fitness studios in the area. Boutique fitness has really been on the rise in Phoenix in the last five years, and you will find every kind of studio imaginable, from indoor cycling to kickboxing. If you are looking for a traditional gym, Mountainside Fitness is one of the local favorites in the area, with dozens of locations all over the Phoenix metroplex. 

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Meditation and breathwork is another part of healthy living that has received more attention in recent years as well. More and more people are incorporating the practice into their health and wellness goals, because it’s a wonderful way to increase concentration and release anxiety and stress. 

If you are interested in beginning a meditation practice, it can be helpful to sign up for an intro course both to learn best practices and stay accountable. 

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Body and Brain is a local studio located off of Via Linda with yoga, tai chi and meditation classes. You can try 7 days of unlimited classes for $10 to kick off the year. 

If you are looking for a more all-encompassing wellness studio, visit Harumi Yoga, a holistic healing house. This is another wonderful studio offering yoga, meditation, and wellness workshops. Yoga and meditation are both a great way to introduce gentle exercise and stretching into your lifestyle without it being overwhelming. 

No matter what your health and wellness goals are for this year, Scottsdale is an ideal place to achieve them. It’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle surrounded by the beauty of the desert and an average of 299 days of sunshine. These are truly only a few of the best spots for healthy living in the Valley, but as you explore the city you are sure to discover even more favorites!

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