Why the Summer Months Are a Great Time To Be In Scottsdale

Why the Summer Months Are a Great Time To Be In Scottsdale

Get ready to embrace the heat, because there really are perks that come along with the summer months in Scottsdale. While it may be hot, there is certainly not a shortage of fun things to do in the city. In fact, there are a lot of advantages to staying in Scottsdale during the warmer summer months. We think you will be convinced summer is one of the best seasons in the Valley after reading!

It is the least crowded time of year in the city

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It is a well known fact that Scottsdale is a haven for retired snowbirds, or people who relocate down to the Southwest during the brutally cold winters in the Midwest and East Coast. Just as they flock to Scottsdale during the mild winters, most of the snowbirds pack up and head back up north at the end of the spring. In addition to the snowbirds leaving, many full-time Scottsdale residents also leave during the summer months when school is not in session for summer vacations.

This means the population in Scottsdale vacillates quite dramatically depending on the time of the year, and summer is actually the most relaxing and quiet season to be in town. 

There is noticeably less traffic while you are driving around which allows you to get everywhere faster, the golf courses are less crowded, the restaurants have more availability, and you won’t ever have to wait in line. All around, this makes summer the best time of year in Scottsdale if you like avoiding crowds! 

Embrace all the summer camps and activities offered through the city

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The city of Scottsdale offers some amazing summer camps and programming for all ages during the summer months. There are a ton of creative options that allow you to stay busy and have fun while also staying cool inside! 

As an adult, you can sign up for a huge array of recreational classes. The city offers everything from digital photography for beginners to line dancing classes. This year, they are even offering evening kayak tours, where you get to practice paddling under the night sky. You can hone a new skill while also meeting new people in your community!

They also have an extensive programming selection for kids, with everything from music lessons, to sports camps, to arts & crafts classes. Your kids can enroll in camps all summer long and avoid getting bored!

Scottsdale has ideal pool weather

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If you love spending your days lounging poolside with a cold beverage in hand, Scottsdale in the summer is the place to be. With almost 300 days of sunshine a year, the odds are definitely in your favor that the weather will be sunny and bright. It’s truly the ultimate place to catch some rays and bask in the sun- just don’t forget to put on a strong SPF! 

It’s a dry heat 

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Everyone who lives in Scottsdale has heard this line before, but it’s a cliche for a reason! A hot summer day in the arid desert climate feels completely different than a sticky humid summer day in the South. So don’t be scared off by a triple digit temperature, because it doesn’t feel quite as hot as it seems! 

Many people find the dry heat to be much more tolerable to be outside in during the summer months. Plus, in the desert climate, once the sun goes down the temperature does begin to cool off.  If you are going to get out and exercise outside, early mornings are the best time to do so in the summer before the sun gets higher in the sky. 

Enjoy discounted rates at the hotels and spas 

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This is really one of the biggest advantages of the offseason months of the summer. Everything in Scottsdale is cheaper during the summer! For residents, July and August are great months to plan a staycation in the area. Often the resorts have their lowest rates of the year on awesome vacation packages. 

We recommend staying at a resort like The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa or the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort, both of which have amazing water activities including a lazy river! The ideal spot to be in the summer is in a pool, and these resorts have some of the best pools in the area. 

You’ll find the resorts to be at their most luxurious during this time of year as the amenities aren’t overcrowded. There’s nothing better than having the spa or pool to yourself!

It’s the best time of year to visit local museums 

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In the middle of the summer, nothing sounds better than a dim museum with the AC on full blast! The summer months are the perfect time to explore all the incredible museums the city has to offer. The museums will be less crowded, which gives you the perfect opportunity to move through them at your own pace. You can walk around leisurely and soak in all the exhibits you want to see without feeling rushed or crowded by big groups. 

You will definitely want to check out the Musical Instrument Museum, which is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm. The MIM is a great place for music lovers, as they have displays with over 4,300 instruments from all around the world. 

The MIM also has live music every month, with awesome concerts featuring a wide array of artists and sounds. Soaking in live music in a beautiful museum setting is the perfect way to spend a summer evening.

For the art lovers, head over to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art to see a wonderful collection of curated pieces of contemporary art and exhibits. SMoCA also shows documentaries and other film screenings throughout the year, which makes it another great spot to go to beat the heat. 

You can still enjoy dining outside 

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With so much natural beauty all around you, people still want to spend as much time outside as possible even during the summer months. Most of the restaurants and shopping areas in Scottsdale are prepared for this, and have extensive cooling misters that they turn on during the hotter days. Thanks to the lack of humidity, the misters make a huge difference, and it can still be very enjoyable to dine outside even in the heat of the summer! 

You can escape further north to get out of the heat

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The best part about Scottsdale is that if you do have the urge to escape to cooler temperatures, you have options! Flagstaff, Arizona is only about a three hour drive north of the city, and sits at a much higher elevation, providing a dramatic reprieve from the heat in the Valley. It’s an easy drive up to Flagstaff, and it makes for the perfect weekend getaway when you want a change of scenery.

While it can get quite toasty from June through September, that doesn’t mean the fun stops in Scottsdale during those months! If you are looking for a relaxing desert retreat, there’s nowhere better to be than poolside in Scottsdale. 

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